Top 5 Podcasts for Language Lovers and Learners

Podcasts for Language Lovers

Listening to podcasts is a wonderfully entertaining way to learn new things or improve skills you already have. Next time you’re stuck in traffic, tune in to one of the following for a fun yet informative language fix.

#1 The Short and Sweet One

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl, is the pop star of the online grammar world. Her Quick and Dirty Tips podcast – along with her blog and other social media sites – presents the quickest and friendliest ways to improve your English, whether as a native or second language speaker and writer.

Coming off her recent induction into the Podcasting Hall of Fame in 2016, and with yet another “best of”-award under her belt for 2017, everyone’s favourite Grammar Girl is the undisputed champion of language learning ring.

#2 The One with Show Tunes

Slate’s Lexicon Valley

Slate’s podcast about “the mysteries of English” is presented by professor John Hamilton McWhorter V, a man whose name and credentials conjures up a stuffy old guy who walks around the neighbourhood with a red pen and constantly bemoans the “falling standards” of the written and spoken word.

McWhorter is nothing but, however. His Lexicon Valley podcast is iconoclastic, funny, and entertaining. It is also regularly interspersed with snippets of song from Broadway musicals. Language (and linguistics) sings and dances on this podcast as never before!

#3 The Multicultural One

PRI’s The World in Words

The World in Words podcast is about language in, of, and for, the global village. The host, Patrick Cox, presides over this melting pot of linguistic diversity and curiosities in an informative yet entertaining way.

Covering everything from bilingualism and getting rid of accents to the globalisation of English and different languages’ insults, this podcast has our globe covered.

#4 The Lekker One

RSG’s Die Tale wat Ons Praat

Afrikaans is South Africa’s third biggest language, and one of the world’s youngest languages. The public broadcaster’s Afrikaans radio station, RSG, presents a weekly show on current issues and curiosities regarding Afrikaans.

Die Tale wat Ons Praat (The Languages We Speak) is broadcast on Sundays and made available as a potgooi (podcast). It is presented by Magdaleen Krüger and Ina Strydom, with expert guest joining the discussion every week.

#5 The Old Fashioned One

A Way with Words

This beloved podcast started its life as a good old radio broadcast that migrated to the podcast platform when it got cancelled. Today, it is one of the most popular and subscribed to podcasts in the world.

The show examines language through the lenses of history, culture, and family. It is the podcast equivalent of a relaxed Sunday lunch with friends and family.

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