Development and Coaching

What is Writing Development and Coaching?

WritBlitz offers developmental editing and coaching in addition to our other services, because we are passionate about developing writing skills and facilitating the creation of original, first draft written content.

Primary development editing entails critical input regarding conceptual issues, structural planning and layout, argumentation, and style. It can help beginner researchers and authors in their writing process, chapter by chapter.

Advanced developmental editing is a radical type of substantive editing that entails help with completing recommended substantial revisions to a document. It is important to note, however, that researchers and authors retain control over the document and are responsible for providing the content at every stage.



Our in-house academic specialist is on hand to offer one-on-one coaching for postgraduate students and academics. Coaching is a more personal and interactive form of development in which a coach helps a client achieve a personal or professional goal by providing training and support.

You can also attend one of our workshops or book a writing retreat with us.